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Make Meaning With a Daily Mudra Practice

“Close your eyes. Draw your palms together in Anjali mudra.” If you’ve been practicing yoga for a while, you have probably heard this instruction articulated in a number of ways. Instead of Anjali Mudra, this gesture might have been referred to as prayer pose, or simply prayer. As a regular part…

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Opening Your Heart to What Was Already There

On a recent morning, I found myself looking through my journal of notes, thoughts, and anatomy diagrams, to find a reflection on a mantra meditation session during my yoga teacher training. This was my first ever attempt at the practice of the miracle of meditation.

I recall that I had a bre…

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Benefits of Japa Meditation

There are many benefits of Japa Meditation. Chanting a mantra can make us better people, and it can help make our brains stronger. Mantra meditation also creates inner peace and a deep state of calm. Plus, chanting a mantra is a simple and easy type of meditation to practice!

1. We become hea…

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A Meditation to Clear and Activate Your Chakras

Human beings contain an unlimited supply of energy. And while we might not always feel this way, our bodies are energized continuously. This energy can change based on our thoughts, elements, and surroundings. Our chakras, or energy centers, are continually radiating and receiving this energy.  …

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A Guided Meditation for Peaceful Sleep


Nights without sleep are painful and torturous. You try hard not to look at your clock or phone, knowing that the amount of time you have to sleep is getting shorter and shorter. "If I fall asleep now, I'll get five hours of sleep. If I fall asleep now I'll four hours of sleep." The constant tos…

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Receiving Answers From Your Higher Self


There are many times in life when we feel overwhelmed with options.
Our brains are filled with incessant chatter while waves of anxiety wash over our body. Thoughts trigger thoughts, and we fall down the rabbit hole of wondering "what if?".  

If you've been in this situation, you know it's…

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Guided Meditation: Releasing Anger


Anger is a frustrating emotion. It's common yet strong, gripping us in a tight headlock that only seems to get worse the more we try to analyze it. 

Triggered by a multitude of different things, anger is an emotional response to a real or imagined grievance. We often experience this feeling when…

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A Five Minute Meditation Miracle


Sometimes all you have are five minutes. After all, we live busy lives. Whether we're juggling our time between teaching yoga classes, leading team meetings, getting the kids to school, or earning a degree; finding time is hard. 

You may not always have the time to head to a yoga class or se…

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What are Mala beads and How to Use Them


What are Mala beads
Mala beads are a form of prayer beads and are considered the Buddhist Rosary. They can be made from various materials. Some are made from beads made from various wood, different crystals or even seeds. Traditionally a Buddhist bead necklace is made from either the wood of a

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Finding and Using the Right Mantra

It is beneficial to have a clear purpose and intention to be able to choose which mantras fits you the best or will convey the outcome you are after. Your mala mantras will influence you to feel the dynamic vitality of the chanted words, and help you become more relaxed and into a more profound …

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What is a mantra and what does it do?

What is mantra? 

A mantra is a reiterated syllable, expression or verse, regularly in Sanskrit or Tibetian and along these lines is identified with the meditation practices of Yoga and Buddhism. 

For what reason do we utilize mantra? 

Mantra is the chanting of consecrated Sanskrit sounds…

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