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Guided Meditation: Releasing Anger


Anger is a frustrating emotion. It's common yet strong, gripping us in a tight headlock that only seems to get worse the more we try to analyze it. 

Triggered by a multitude of different things, anger is an emotional response to a real or imagined grievance. We often experience this feeling when we perceive a threat due to negligence, conflict, humiliation, betrayal, injustice, and fear. Perhaps your anger was caused by something external, like a friend’s lie about his or her whereabouts or a traffic jam on your way to an important event. Or perhaps you’re brooding over something in the past, like lover’s betrayal, or your regret over a perceived mistake. 

Regardless of the reason, holding onto anger can increase our overall feelings of discomfort. While anger may draw our attention to something important, it can also prevent us from thriving and moving forward.  When we dwell in our anger, we allow it to work like the one in control. 

Don't be ashamed of your anger, but try not to let it work as your inner guidance. When anger becomes too powerful, those negative emotions can leak into our personal lives and our mental health. It can disrupt our relationships, our work lives, and our bodies.

"You will not be punished by your anger, you will be punished for your anger." - Buddha

But like any emotion, if we separate our feelings from the experience, we are better able to get a grip on reality. Rather than focus on one tiny element of the situation, we can garner a perspective of the entire picture, and realize that our anger might not be as heavy as we once imagined. 

In this meditation, you’ll find soothing guidance that allows you to take a step back from your anger. Using positive imagery and calm words, you’ll be able to relax both mentally and physically, and give your brain some much-needed self-love. 

You don't need to carry onto that extra weight. Give yourself this twenty-minute dose of mindful love, breathe, and let go. 

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