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Benefits of Japa Meditation

There are many benefits of Japa Meditation. Chanting a mantra can make us better people, and it can help make our brains stronger. Mantra meditation also creates inner peace and a deep state of calm. Plus, chanting a mantra is a simple and easy type of meditation to practice!

1. We become healthier versions of ourselves through practicing Japa Meditation

Meditation enhances and optimizes all the bodily systems so that they can function as they’re meant to work.

Chanting or mantra meditation is one of the most effective, powerful and efficient ways of purifying the body of stress while making us smarter and more creative at everything we do.

When people start a mantra meditation practice, they begin experiencing more synchronicity and more serendipity in their lives. Meditation practitioners are more attuned to the natural rhythms of the universe. Mantra meditation uses a Bija, or seed mantra, and the sound quality of the bija mantra induces a deep rest and healing.

When there’s less stress in our bodies and minds, we perform much better—with whatever we do in life. Whether you are a stay-at-home mom or the CEO of a Fortune 500 company, mantra meditation makes us better at everything we do. We often think that we need to be stressed out in order to be efficient or productive. However, this is an antiquated mindset and only creates more suffering in our lives.

Stress and distress serve to make us more irrational–like when we’re rushing all around the house and can’t find our sunglasses because they’re right on the top of our head.

We get irrational, distressed and crazy because our body reacts to stress as if it were being chased by a saber-toothed tiger. Your body and brain are using so much energy to fight off this imaginary tiger, that it can’t deal with the actual tasks at hand.

2. We access and align the power of the two sides of our brain through Japa Meditation

In our ordinary states of consciousness (when we’re eating, sleeping or dreaming), the right brain and the left brain are functioning separately from one another. But in the fourth state of consciousness, also referred to as transcendence (which happens when we’re meditating with mantra), all the waves on the left brain and all the waves on the right brain begin to rise and fall in unison. 

Our left brains are placed in charge of the past and future and take care of language, critical thought, and analytical thought. Most of us don’t use our creative right brain because we barely ever engage with that side of our mental abilities.

When we practice Japa meditation, it’s as if we’re taking our right brains for a good workout at the gym and the left and right brain start talking to each other. The right brain becomes more activated and balanced, and our intuition and gut feelings are more available, as are problem-solving solutions when we’re in the heat of a challenging moment. 

If we want to enhance our lives, beginning a mantra meditation practice is an absolute no-brainer! For even more benefits, use some malas for meditation.

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