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A Five Minute Meditation Miracle


Sometimes all you have are five minutes. After all, we live busy lives. Whether we're juggling our time between teaching yoga classes, leading team meetings, getting the kids to school, or earning a degree; finding time is hard. 

You may not always have the time to head to a yoga class or settle into your homemade meditation den. And while that's understandable, we believe you can always snag a simple five minutes to give your brain some love. 

In this five minute meditation, you'll be guided through soothing instruction to help you garner nourishing and positive thoughts. It helps you recognize that you are in control of your day and hold the ability to make it amazing. 

If you need a quick reminder of how to be mindful, or simply a small break to find equilibrium, take these five minutes and donate them to yourself. It's amazing how just a lit bit of attention can restore our entire energy. 

Watch the video below:

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