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Opening Your Heart to What Was Already There

On a recent morning, I found myself looking through my journal of notes, thoughts, and anatomy diagrams, to find a reflection on a mantra meditation session during my yoga teacher training. This was my first ever attempt at the practice of the miracle of meditation.

I recall that I had a bre…

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Benefits of Japa Meditation

There are many benefits of Japa Meditation. Chanting a mantra can make us better people, and it can help make our brains stronger. Mantra meditation also creates inner peace and a deep state of calm. Plus, chanting a mantra is a simple and easy type of meditation to practice!

1. We become hea…

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A Meditation to Clear and Activate Your Chakras

Human beings contain an unlimited supply of energy. And while we might not always feel this way, our bodies are energized continuously. This energy can change based on our thoughts, elements, and surroundings. Our chakras, or energy centers, are continually radiating and receiving this energy.  …

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